Aziz Top 10 Wrestling Superstars

I I have been a wrestling enthusiast almost my life, Many wrestlers got me to admire this industry, picking ten Professional wrestling superstars was one of the most difficult decisions I had ever made.

10: Shawn Micheals

Shawn Micheals was one of the best wrestlers in WWE history. He was an excellent grappler, knew how to sell dramatically, had an excellent understanding of in-ring psychology, and had great promo skills.

He had some amazing feuds with the likes of Undertaker, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and John Cena, Michaels also paved the way for current stars such as Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles.

All of these factors contribute to having Shawn Micheals in this high ranking.

9: Triple H

"The Game" Triple H is one of the greatest superstars of all time. There are not many wrestlers who have contributed back to WWE as Triple H has.

The King of Kings, Triple H. He had a very successful run as a tag team with his best friend Shawn Michaels, in D-Generation X which made me a fan of him.

8 Stone Cold Steve Austin

No wrestler impacted WWE like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Austin was the WWE’s biggest star during its most successful period ever. his

His mic skills were extraordinary, Austin’s promos had a personal edge to them. Austin won 19 championships during his eminent career. He also won the Royal Rumble a record 3 times and also won the King of The Ring tournament in 1996, where the famous Austin 3:16 promo was cut by him. "Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass"

all of these factors made me a huge fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin

7: The Rock

'The Great One' is one of the most successful WWE superstars of all time. watching his amazing heel turn in 1996 made me a fan of him. His work in the Attitude Era elevated his stature of being the cockiest entities in the world of sports entertainment.

6: Dusty Rhodes

“The American Dream” was easily amongst the most charismatic performers in the history of the industry. As one of the industry’s top attractions from the 1970s through to the late 1980s, Rhodes’ impact, creativity, and ongoing influence eclipses even the amazing success he achieved in the ring as a three-time world champion.

Watching "The American Dream" classic matches on the WWE Network made me a fan of his amazing style.

5: Vince McMahon

Although MR Vince Mcmahon might not be an active wrestler, as far as entrance music and charisma on the mic is concerned, Mr. McMahon is one of the greatest of all time.

4: Kurt Angle

Perhaps the greatest technical wrestler in WWE history, Angle is also one of the most loathed characters of all time. Entire arenas have been chanting "You suck!" during his entrances for more than 16 years, so it's hard to imagine wrestling without him.

Angle's technical wrestling ability made me a fan of him.

3: Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch's amazing run between Summerslam 2018 up to Wrestlemania 36 made me feel like a child once again she has an amazing amount of charisma and she is an amazing character. that immediately made her rise to become one of my favorite superstars.

2: Undertaker

The dead man, the undertaker is one of the greatest of all time and to me personally, he is the greatest wrestler of all time. what made me love the undertaker is his entire character the way he looks sounds and feels and his wrestling ability. Undertaker is one of a kind until this day I pop whenever he is on my television screen.

1 Jeff Hardy

I can remember when I was 6 years old children my age favorite superhero was either Batman, Superman, or Spiderman but my favorite superhero was real and he is Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy made me admire the professional wrestling business with his extreme style of wrestling and his insane charisma, i remember sitting in front of the television at 4:00 Am watching my superhero fight live on Pay-Per-View fighting villains like Cm Punk, Edge, and Matt Hardy.

I will forever be thankful for Jeff Hardy for getting me into the wrestling business and almost 14 years's later he is still my favorite superhero.

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